结城, 堪萨斯 Transforms Distressed Properties into Affordable Workforce Housing Options Through a City Land Bank.

结城, 堪萨斯 Transforms Distressed Properties into Affordable Workforce Housing Options Through a City Land Bank. 主图



结城, 堪萨斯, is taking an innovative approach to increase the supply of entry-level homes available at affordable prices. 他们正在利用土地储备来做这件事. Land banks can significantly increase the number of cost-effective workforce housing options by acquiring and managing vacant or distressed properties. These properties can be rehabilitated or redeveloped to create new affordable housing units for the local workforce and prospective residents.

从2005年开始, the City of 结城 was preparing for an influx of soldiers due to the proposed Big Red 1 build-up at Fort Riley. 在期待, developers flocked to 结城 to develop new homes and subdivisions with publicly funded infrastructure. 然而, 增兵从未实现, 许多开发商破产,离开了章克城, 堪萨斯, 数以百计的空地和相关的基础设施债务. 

随着2008年的大衰退和相关的房地产市场崩溃, other cities in 堪萨斯 began having similar problems resulting in underperforming housing developments and tax delinquencies. In 2009, the 堪萨斯 Legislature authorized cities to create land banks via an ordinance and counties to create them by resolution. 


根据房地美研究人员的说法 美国的住房缺口为3亿美元.800万套. The decreasing supply of entry-level homes exacerbates the long-term decline in the construction of single-family homes. 

鉴于美国经济适用房的严重短缺, 在Junction市建立土地银行, 堪萨斯, helps 管理 and reclaim distressed property to encourage the reuse or redevelopment of the property to create cost-effective housing solutions. 

土地银行是公共机构, 或者是为了收购而创建的非营利组织, 持有, 管理, sometimes redevelop the property to return these properties to productive use to meet community goals. A land bank is typically established in areas with relatively low or declining housing costs and a sizable inventory of tax-delinquent properties that the community wants to repurpose to support community goals.

“I really believe the land bank was created to solve the problem with distressed properties,Coldwell Banker Patriot Realty的业主兰斯·卡斯特(Lance Custer)说. “It has served that purpose by helping the city increase housing options for prospective buyers and decrease the debt load from the initial development during the overexpansion in the mid 2000s.”


联合城土地银行有超过1个,000个住宅地段通电, 水, 下水道基础设施已经到位. 这些地块以5000美元的固定价格出售,没有商量余地. 

Prospective residents and developers can purchase lot(s) and build cost-effective housing. 有三种不同的回扣可用于批量购买, these incentives offer prospective buyers the opportunity to benefit from building new homes on these lots.

“What started as a disaster and an overextension of city funds now has turned positive,城市经理艾伦·丁克尔说. “我们可能是该州唯一一个拥有这么多可用地块的社区. 所以当商业和工业来到这里, we don’t have to build the infrastructure for subdivisions — all they have to do is build the house.”

开发商或准居民可获得4美元的回扣,000 after building a home and obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy within one year (12 months) of closing. 在建造房屋的两年内(24个月), 土地银行将给买方3美元的回扣,000. 

买家只能获得高达4美元的电力公用事业退款,000每批 if the buyer does not take advantage of the building incentive and the property does not have full utility servicing. 在为该地段提供全面公用设施服务后, 买家可以获得高达4美元的回扣,000每批, 基于公用事业连接的实际成本.

最后, 开发商和承包商可以获得2美元的独家价格,如果他们从汇合处城市土地银行购买五(5)幅或以上的土地,每幅土地收费500英镑. 

The Junction市- geary县经济发展委员会 (JC-GCEDC) Collaborates with Local Businesses to Provide Affordable Workforce Housing Options

自140年开业以来,00平方英尺的Camso工厂, 米其林®集团公司, the JC-GCEDC has been committed to working with the team to use the 结城 Land Bank as a source for the low-cost-of-living housing for its workers. Other businesses can benefit from accessing the affordable land bank lots as an incentive for their workers. 与JC-GCEDC合作, companies can find attractive workforce housing solutions that continue to promote economic development in 结城, 堪萨斯. 

“It’s truly a pleasure to be able to work with the Michelin® team and Lance Custer from Coldwell Banker Patriot Realty to help get homes built on land bank lots,经济发展部主任米奇·迪恩说. “这是一种有助于社区发展的伙伴关系.”

土地储备物业的报价是通过房地产经纪人提交的, the real estate agency and its agents do not make decisions about offer acceptance or rejection. Talk to your real estate agent for more information on land bank properties in 结城, 堪萨斯. 查看可用属性 在这里.


想要获得更多的指导或帮助连接资源,请立即联系JC-GCEDC. 该地区正在发展, 经济正在蓬勃发展。, 这里有更多企业扩张的空间. 我们的战略位置, 加上熟练的劳动力和积极的商业氛围, 资产属于任何公司吗, 尤其是对于我们的 目标行业. 探索我们的网站选择器的全套工具 在这里 请致电785-762-1976或edc@jcacc与我们联系.org.
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